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Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting is a division of ARS Industries, Inc., which was incorporated November 15, 2005. Anthony began his career in the live-scan industry in the year 2000, working part-time as a field tech for his father’s company Art’s Investigation’s.
While employed there he fingerprinted for agencies that included DCFS, DHS, The Chicago Park District, and The Chicago Board of Education to name a few. His father has since “semi” retired and from his great teachings, Anthony and his TEAM have moved on to bring you Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc. “A Simple, Efficient & Friendly way to be fingerprinted™”

Service Areas
  • “Live Scan” Electronic Fingerprinting!!!
  • Digitized “Ink” Fingerprint Cards™!!!
  • The Ability To Never Have to Get Fingerprinted Again!!!
  • The Best Value In Town!!!
  • Discount Subscription Service!!!
  • Rebates!!!
  • Customized Mobile Fingerprinting Services!!!
  • Multiple Chicagoland Locations!!!
  • Evening and Weekend Hours!!!


To Protect People, Create Business Opportunities, Create Leaders, and to Give Back to society.

We are more than just a fingerprinting service—

We are a “complete” mobile background-checking brand that has a mission… “To make this world a better place one finger at a time.
We provide all facets of background checking services that will greatly reduce your company’s liability, and put our clients at ease.

We really appreciate your interest in our MISSION and we hope our family can work with your T.E.A.M. soon.
Together we can help protect someone, before it’s too late!!!

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