How it works

Times have changed: the 8-track player has been replaced with
I-pods and I-phones. In fingerprinting times have changed as well…

No one goes out to get fingerprinted anymore!!!
Now A Days You Have The Fingerprinting Brought Directly To You!!!

You Can Arrange A


All you have to do is Schedule an Appointment

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Could your class or organization use a better fingerprint solution?

If you can get your HR, instructor or person in charge of fingerprinting to sign this service agreement (Click to Download Service Agreement)…

You or your charity could earn up to $20.00 or more each time they get fingerprinted…

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Our Benefits To You Are:

  1. Have more control over the process!
  2. You set the day and time!
  3. No Parking or Public transportation Cost


!!!All for about the same price you are currently paying now!!!

Waste time driving to a location?

When you can:
Have Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting and TheFingerprintMan.Com come directly to you!!!

Be a hero, upgrade your fingerprint experience