Child ID Kits

Child ID Kits


Did you know that according to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center, 80% of the approximately 822,000 people reported missing to US law enforcement agencies in 2014 were juveniles?  Research has also shown that it is critical for parents and police to have fingerprints, vital statistics and a current photo on hand to use for comparison when a missing child is believed to be found.  

Our purpose is to provide parents with the latest technology in aiding in the recovery of their children in case of abduction. We offer five key distinct reasons why you should choose our service as your child ID provider, including:

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Latest Electronic Fingerprinting Technology

We offer a cleaner way to fingerprint children of all ages. NO MORE INK! We use state of the art electronic fingerprint technology that cuts the rejection rate to almost zero. Ink fingerprints can smudge, making them unreadable for Law Enforcement, in case of emergency. Our equipment provides a quality rating for each fingerprint that is taken so that we can guarantee that they will not be rejected.


CD/USB with all Vital Information

No more paper that can deteriorate. Most child ID’s give you a card that wears and fades over time, making fingerprints unreadable. Our CD/USB’s are made to last, when properly stored, plus making an additional copy is just a computer away. Most importantly!!! It includes digital fingerprints, a photo, personal information such as height, eye color, etc. that can be uploaded to the local authorities in a moment’s notice. This is something other child ID’s cannot do!


Mobile service that comes to you

Just call us, and “The Fingerprint Man™” will come out to you! That’s right, we make it convenient and comfortable for the children by keeping them in familiar surroundings so that their experience is positive.

At Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc. we have not lost sight of who is important–the child.  Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc. is an Illinois State Police and FBI certified fingerprinting service.

We make a point to be courteous, professional, and thorough, while making sure that the kids have fun at the same time. 

Illinois State Police & FBI Certified

Other companies are fly-by-nights, trying to make a quick buck. They are not regulated to handle fingerprinting. Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc. has been certified by the Illinois State Police and the FBI. When it comes to your children’s safety, saying “I should have” is too late! 

Price/Fund Raising

Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc.’s final and most important advantage is price, and the opportunity to raise money for your organization. We keep our staff small so we can pass on the savings to our customers.

We offer competitive prices so that every child has an opportunity to be protected. Everyone has a hard time finding new and exciting ways to raise money,. With Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc. you cannot go wrong!

When your child’s safety might be at risk, price is no object! We are dedicated to helping organizations, such as daycare centers, churches, schools, park districts, and any other institutions who are looking to build community awareness or raise funds. For each child ID sold, you will receive a percentage to use for whatever you like. We will give you a check on the spot!


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