Fingerprinting Cards

Fingerprint Cards


Do you need ink fingerprint cards? We SPECIALIZE in that!

Don’t Waste Your Money On Ink!!!

Ink fingerprints WILL smear, and cause the rate of rejections to sky rocket!!! Which costs your company time and money and maybe YOUR JOB!

At Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc. “Home Of” we use state of the art Live-Scan “Electronic” Fingerprinting. Then we create a digitized Ink Fingerprint Card for you. FBI APPROVED & PREFERRED!!! & GUARANTEED!!!


No Messy Ink

We Use Electronic Fingerprinting, then we create a digitized Ink Fingerprint Card for you. Looks the same, and is FBI APPROVED & PREFERRED!!!

Rejection Guarantee

Since our “electronic” equipment is approved by the FBI it gives us the quality rating before we take the print…not 6 weeks later…
If your prints still do get rejected…we will print out another set for your free of charge!!!

Never Get an Ink Fingerprint Again

Are you sick of getting messy ink on your fingers? Or are you sick of getting printed over and over again? Well just take one set with us!…and with your permission we will store it on file…and you will never need to get printed again!!! Just ask us for a copy…ANY STATE!!! Send us the cards and we will print out a card for you….you never have to leave your home or office!!!

Your time is important and you can’t waste it with rejected fingerprints. With all that is at stake, do you see any reason why you would not use Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc.?

Our price for this service is just $35 per card plus a travel fee if we come to you. Only $50 per each replacement card. Ink fingerprints smear!!! Don’t let that happen to you!!! Don’t Risk Your Job!!! to save just a few pennies.

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