Live Scan Fingerprinting

Live Scan Printing


Are you a single person who needs to get fingerprinted?

Are you a graduating class or a large group of people that need to get fingerprinted?

Are you a busy VIP that can’t get away?

There is a much more efficient way!

Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc. and The Fingerprint Man™ will come to you!!! Or You Can Come To Any Of Our Chicagoland Locations!

The inconvenience of fingerprinting is over. At Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc., we use Computerized “Live-Scan” Fingerprinting that is directly linked to the Illinois State Police and the FBI. Our fingerprinting service cuts the rate of rejection down to almost zero. We use no ink so there is no mess involved and results, in some cases, come back as fast as the same day!

Plus, WE COME TO YOU! That’s right, don’t waste your time driving all over town and taking a day off of work just for a five minute fingerprint. Just schedule an appointment and Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc. and “THE FINGERPRINT MAN™” WILL COME TO YOU!

24 hours a day/7 days a week, we are available! All we need is a table and an outlet, and we can fingerprint you right on the spot!


If you are a part of a group, or a graduating class and you help us obtain the business from the entire group or refer a friend from a new company that we are not currently servicing, then we will give 20% in “Cash Back Reward” per person we fingerprint!!!, Click Here For More Details.


Departments of Professional Regulations

  • Humane Euthanasia
  • Locksmith
  • PERC
  • Practical Nurse
  • Private Alarm Contractor
  • Private Detectives
  • Private Security Contractors
  • Registered Professional Nurse
  • Driver Training Instructor
  • Gaming Board
  • Illinois State Police
  • Massage Therapy
  • Adoptions
  • Private Childcare Providers
  • Volunteers
  • Youth Organizations
  • Provider Connections
  • Public Schools, Public Colleges, and Public
  • Universities
  • Banks and Real Estate Loan Originators
  • Home Delivery


Are you a busy VIP? Is your time is worth more than money? Then you need our Mobile VIP service. “The Fingerprint Man™” will come out to you whenever you need us–24/7. Save TIME & MONEY.

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