Background Checks for Nursing Homes

Nursing Home Background Checks


Are you a nursing home that is looking to lower its costs on background checks? As pursuant to the House Bill 4785, it is mandatory that background checks be conducted on all incoming and current residents.

It also states that it is mandatory that a fingerprint-based background check be conducted for those reports that come back with an inconclusive criminal history. At Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc., we can provide you with both of these services.

If you receive an inconclusive result, we can provide you with our mobile fingerprinting service, in most cases, within a week. We come directly to you! Medi Car is expensive, and IDPH fines are astronomical. Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc. can protect you against both!

Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc. is an Illinois Council on Long Term Care recommended fingerprint provider!!!


Why have your staff

  • Waste gas driving to a fingerprinting center?
  • Get lost looking for a hard-to-find office… During a random hard to schedule hours?
  • Drive all the way to their fingerprint appointment to find out that they are not even open?


When instead you can

  • Have Anthony’s mobile Fingerprinting and the fingerprintman come directly to you…24 hours a day seven days a week!!!!!!
  • Have A Company That Specializes in Groups of all sizes from 1-1000+ and can get applicants printed in under 60 seconds per person!!!
  • Making your job much much much easier and saving you time and wasted energy chasing each individual person down for the receipts or paperwork!!!


Be a hero, save your company from wasted hours and energy by streamlining your fingerprint experience with Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting and “The Fingerprint Man”


With a signed service agreement, we offer your company 24 hour to 72 hour results. (However, if there is a criminal record, the results can be delayed anywhere from 30 to 45 days.)


Your office staff is busy doing many things and they hardly have the necessary time that it takes to make sure that the job is done right. All it takes is one slip up, one misspelled word, your company is at risk for a potential IDPH fine or–even worse–a law suit.

Why pay someone $10 to $15 an hour or more when you can pay Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc., an Illinois State Police and FBI certified company to do the work for you, for only $15 per name. There is too much at risk for you not to use Anthony’s Mobile Fingerprinting, Inc.

Note: There is a bundle discount for those companies that use both our name background checking service as well as our fingerprinting services for their residents.

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